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PODCAST 18 51'12" 61.4MB mp3 • March 2019

Oliver Cherer discusses his new album, 'I Feel Nothing Most Days,' with Glen Johnson and ruminates on 'Pillows & Prayers,' the vinyl resurgence, Vini Reilly's guitar, seagulls, home recording, nostalgia and much more. Includes tracks by The Durutti Column, Brian Eno and Robert Wyatt. Recorded 2nd March 2019 at home in St Leonards-on-Sea.

PODCAST 17 18'24" 26.5MB mp3 • February 2013

One half of ISAN and keen horticulturist, Robin Saville, discusses the bleeps, beats, cinnamon, seeds and jam that went into his new release on Second Language, 'Public Flowers.'

PODCAST 16 59'13" 81MB mp3 • September 2013

In 2010, Hastings-based musical polymath, Oliver Cherer, aka Dollboy, embarked on a journey to conjure up the haunted spirit of the “ghost stations,” the abandoned metro stations of London and Berlin.
Those in London were shut down at various points during the 20th century and remain closed. You can see their traces – ox blood red arched facades revealed here and there at street level or phantom platforms glimpsed through the shadows as you rumble through tunnels at speed. The Berlin stations were closed during the Cold War period, keeping silent vigil in the no-mans-land between East and West before being reopened after reunification.

On Sept 5th 2013, for the very first time, Cherer and his accomplices re-created the soundtrack to these ghost stations in the no more appropriate setting than the Thames Tunnel Shaft, a huge, cylindrical underground chamber deep beneath the Brunel Museum in Rotherhithe, London where, as you sit 50 feet underground, trains can be clearly heard to pass beneath your feet but never seen – ghost trains, as it were.

PODCAST 15 19'13" 46MB mp3 • July 2013

Cécile Schott, aka Colleen, talks to Martin Holm of Second Language about the inspiration, instrumentation and incantation behind her magnificent new album, The Weighing Of The Heart.’

PODCAST 14 13'54" 20MB mp3 • April 2013

Second Language presents a podcast featuring Directorsound mainman Nick Palmer in discussion and performance. Learn how the inspiration for Directorsound's I Hunt Alone opus came from a sojourn amid the mysterious, arid landscapes and eerie ancient towns of Transylvania, and from touring the UK with "only a suitcase full of instruments for company". Hear also Nick's plans for an expanded Directorsound incarnation, due to hit stages this summer, his rather exquisite taste in film soundtracks and the world's best, or possibly worst, accordion joke. All of this is interleaved with choice snippets from the album and a solo Palmer performance of typically cinematic poignancy.

PODCAST 13 24'42" 56.6MB mp3 • February 2012

Second Language present a podcast to accompany the beguiling agrarian enigma that is Tyneham House. Interleaved with field recordings and typically bucolic extracts of music from the album, a handful of artist friends of the reclusive Tyneham House creators reminisce evocatively about growing up in small rural towns and villages. Out of the rustling, sun-dappled atmosphere, a theme slowly emerges: the Proustian mystery of lost time and place and how the free spirit and wonderment of childhood grapples with the beauty and oppression of the countryside...

PODCAST 12 24'24" 33.5MB mp3 • October 2011

Still basking in the widespread critical approbation given to his recently released long-playing opus Songbox, Pete Astor talks to Second Language about the album, the songwriting process, the state of music now and a teenage Damascene moment in the company of Hawkwind... Come on, who hasn't had one of those?

PODCAST 11 36'06" 66.2MB mp3 • October 2011

In the wake of the release of Mark Fry and The A. Lords' wonderful I Lived in Trees album, Mark and A. Lord Mike Tanner ruminate on the unusual, elongated and mysterious process by which the album came to be made. Interspersed with music and field recordings, we learn of painterly approaches to musical creativity, an ineffable sense of lost Englishness and the serendipitous fluttering of swallows in an Oxfordshire barn.

PODCAST 10 19'49" 27.3MB mp3 • June 2011

Keiron Phelan and Katie English, aka littlebow, talk about that most misunderstood of instruments, the flute and its central role in their debut album for Second Language, The Edge Blown Aerophone.

PODCAST 09 15'52" 21.8MB mp3 • April 2011

In July 2010, Glen Johnson talked to composer, painter and poet, Richard Moult about his stark, immersive and beautiful Second Language debut album, Celestial King For A Year. Features sound clips from Celestial King, United Bible Studies and an exclusive piano improvisation from Richard.

PODCAST 08 30'36" 42.1 MB mp3 • March 2011

To accompany the release of Minute Papillon, the latest Second Language podcast carries the compilation's '60 seconds and no more' ethos into another dimension, scattering a selection of its sixty, miniature musical essays amid a plethora of new, specially commissioned, 60-second-long spoken word pieces that run the gamut from poetic apercu to (extremely) short story by way of dada-like voice experiments, mysterioso confessions, humorous asides, instructions for dance, and much more besides. The result is like a radio play list from a curious, vivid dream.

* - denotes from the Minute Papillon compilation. All other tracks exclusive to this podcast.

1. Mason 2. Some Birds Are Bigger Than Others - Opiate* 3. Girls 4. Cuffs - Dollboy* 5. Mick 6. La Meant Lament - sanso-xtro* 7. The Terminology of the Lindy Hop - Rhiannon Parkinson 8. Do Electric Sheep Dream Of Carnivorous Plants? - Felix Kubin* 9. People Watching Part 2,768 - Stuart Bowditch (Hybernation) 10. Satana Al Mercato Del Epsce - (r)* 11. Something Good - Darren Hayman 12. Know Your Place - Darren Hayman* 13. Thames Finds - Frances Castle (The Hardy Tree) 14. David Colohan (United Bible Studies) 15. Pheromone - Lene Charlotte Holm* 16. Camels - Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo (r) 17. Minute Papillon - Cédric Pin* 18. I Wish, I Am, I Will Be - Herlinde Herpoel 19. Buddah Said - Pete Astor* 20. Flat C - Glen Johnson 21. Simplistic When - offthesky* 22. Not Making Records - Oliver Cherer (Dollboy) 23. The End Is Always Near - Gareth Dickson* 24. Absint - Christoffer Gertz Bech 25. 20-10-06-28-ON - Olivier Namblard* 26. Autre Language - Ark Of Noise* 27. Tog Til Tiden - Thomas Norby 28. Victorian Machine Music 9 - Plinth* 29. Jeanette Leech - Glaze 30. Piece of String - Directorsound* 31. Uddrag - Jacob Berg Henriksen 32. Once Found - Isnaj Dui*

PODCAST 07 18'08" 24.9MB mp3 • November 2010

Early this month at London's Soup Studio, Angèle David-Guillou, aka Klima, talked to us about her forthcoming long-awaited album, 'Serenades & Serinettes' and blessed us with 3 exclusive live tracks, 'Father,' 'By My Side' and 'Things Get Better With Time.'

PODCAST 06 23'40" 33.29MB mp3 • November 2010

Earlier this Summer, Michael Tanner, aka Plinth, braved the bustling Barbican Arts Centre in London to chew the fat with David Sheppard and Glen Johnson about Mark Fry, Smalls Lighthouse, Dorset, Directorsound and death. The rest was left to the poor.

PODCAST 05 22'24" 30.7MB mp3 • September 2010

David Sheppard sits down with Sarah Kemp (aka brave timbers) at Soup Studio, to discuss her forthcoming album, 'For Every Day You Lost,' out soon on Second Language. She also records two lovely, exclusive live versions of tracks from the album.

PODCAST 04 49'48" 58.6MB mp3 • August 2010

David Sheppard introduces a selection of tracks from our 17 artist deluxe fanzine compilation, Vertical Integration.  Includes music by Ólöf Arnalds, Our Broken Garden, Tunng, Robin Saville, Tula, Pete Astor, Gareth Dickson, 30km Inland, Klima, Women & Children and Mark Fry & The A Lords

PODCAST 03 52'19" 62.8MB mp3 • April 2010

On a rainy March night, in a South London boozer, David and Glen interview Mark Brend aka 'Ghostwriter' about his very literary forthcoming Second Language opus, 'The Continuing Adventures Of The Strange Sound Association.' Plus Glen and Angele talk about Piano Magic, Klima and play some very interesting home recordings.

PODCAST 02 46'12" 55.4MB mp3 • February 2010

Glen and David interview Ollie Dollboy about his new Ghost Stations album plus new music by Ghostwriter, Gareth S Brown, Lene Charlotte Holm, David John Sheppard, Heather Woods Broderick and an exclusive from Klima.

PODCAST 01 49'52" 59.8MB mp3 • January 2010

Glen, Martin and David discuss the label and play selections from the Music and Migration compilation release.