Founded in 2009, Second Language is an independent record label dedicated to bringing you genuinely exclusive and collectable new music by a wonderful international roster of hand-chosen artists. Inspired by the maverick sensibilities and voluptuous audio-visual aesthetics of pioneering independent labels like Factory, Les Disques Du Crépuscule and 4AD, Second Language releases range across genres, from psycho-geographic electronica to psych-folk, by way of modern classical composition and baroque pop. All our releases are exquisitely, uniquely packaged, often with bonus audio (and other extras).

The Second Language back catalogue includes critically lauded albums by Mark Fry & The A Lords, Pete Astor, Piano Magic, Plinth, Dollboy, Richard Moult and Klima, while our acclaimed compilations have featured exclusive recordings by the likes of Vashti Bunyan, Tunng, Hauschka, Òlöf Arnalds, Peter Broderick, Fieldhead, Hannah Peel, Our Broken Garden and Marissa Nadler.

Second Language releases are issued in strictly limited numbers, so, to be sure you get your hands on our releases, please visit our shop.


Those Second Language operatives in full :

Glen Johnson is a songwriter and musician. Since 1996, he has been at the helm of the Anglo-French ghost-rock group Piano Magic, although he has also recorded under his own name, as well as the Textile Ranch and Future Conditional monikers. A former label manager/A&R director for Rough Trade Records, he not only worked on the label's infamous Singles Club but also ran the subsidiary Tugboat Records imprint, signing, amongst others, Low, Life Without Buildings and ISAN.

map.ref.ltd. is the company alias of Glasgow-based graphic designer, Ian Mackinnon. He has designed and maintained the Second Language website since the label's inception in 2009. Ian formerly founded and curated souRce research recordings, commissioning music from, amongst others, Coil, Andrew Poppy, matmos, Cylcobe, and COH.

Antony Ryan is an English musician and producer living in Denmark, mostly known for his work as exactly half of ISAN, with occasional remixing and solo-noodling as Mugwood. A compulsive audio-tinkerer, he established RedRedPaw Mastering which keeps him and his family (by means of a fairly thin studio door) supplied with fascinating and beautiful music.