SL035 Richard Moult Sjóraust SOLD OUT

Richard Moult is a composer, painter and poet based on the Outer Hebrides. He has had numerous solo works released over the past ten years alongside contributions to recordings by Alison O'Donnell, Raising Holy Sparks, Momick and Orchestra Noir. He also currently writes and records as a member of the Irish psych-folk collective United Bible Studies.

‘Sjóraust,' Richard's third album for Second Language, following on from 'Yclypt' (2012) and 'Celestial King For A Year' (2011), evokes the beautiful, remote, ancient islands off the west coast of mainland Scotland.

"When Glen asked me to record an album for Second Language documenting the landscapes of the Outer Hebrides, I initially spent a brief time walking the beaches where I live, thinking how best to approach this project. Eventually, as I looked out into the abyssal Atlantic, time dropped away, and all that then seemed to possess my consciousness was the voice of the sea ... From that moment on, I needed only that voice to dictate the music.

And so this six movement work was quickly born from the tides, the songs of birds, and the chants of the saints who lie beneath the machair. It was not only important to me that the Gaelic culture was represented in these pieces, but also that of the Norse peoples, who considerably shaped the face of these islands. Thus the "new" word "Sjóraust": a conjoining of two Old Norse words, meaning SeaVoice."

Sjóraust was recorded at Tur Chliamainn and Hùisinis, Isle Of Harris; Dail Mòr and Teampall Mholuaidh, Isle Of Lewis; Staffin, Isle Of Skye during Autumn 2015. The work contains texts from Carmina Gaedlica, the mathematical tract Rim II (after a description by Alfraganus), and the traditional Gaelic song Chuir iad mise dh'eilean leam fhìn.

‘Sjóraust' comes in a 4 panel reverse board Remus sleeve designed by Jeff Teader based on a painting of the same name by Richard.

Tracklisting :

1. Sjóraust I
2. Sjóraust II
3. Sjóraust III
4. Sjóraust IV
5. Sjóraust V
6. Sjóraust VI