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Robin Saville has been plying his electronic wares as one half of electronic luminaries Isan for over fifteen years.  Earning a reputation for bringing an emotional dimension to music with a reputation for the cerebral, Isan have claimed to be in the business of making easy listening out of difficult sounds.

In addition to keeping his end of the Isan bargain, Robin occasionally records music under his own name, exploring more acoustic and bucolic textures (see also 2008's 'Peasgood Nonsuch' on the excellent Static Caravan label).

Robin's new solo album, 'Public Flowers', is about creating a series of soundscapes both familiar and stimulating.  The music here is a canny blend of repetition and constant change, echoing the organic experimentation of the likes of American minimalist composer Steve Reich, the evocative soundtracks of Piero Milesi and the experimental/ambient work of Cluster.  A keen gardener, Saville's love for the British landscape is also made apparent in the mix by the subtle use of field recordings, the music seamlessly blending into the sonic environment as if recorded in situ.

The title of the album is a quote from Edwardian children's book, 'The Story Of The Amulet,' by Fabian Society founder, Edith Nesbit.  It makes reference to a utopian society based on equality and a respect for the natural world - Saville's music would seem to be the perfect soundtrack for this imagined world.
"I must not litter the beautiful street with bits of paper or things to eat; I must not pick the public flowers. They are not MINE, but they are OURS."

'Public Flowers' is number No.6 in the 2L Library Series - a highly collectible catalogue of hardback CD albums designed to be stored in your bookcase. Art direction, photography, design by Martin Masai Andersen/Andersen M Studio.

An accompanying bonus disc, 'Hybrids', (SL028x), featuring remixes of tracks from 'Public Flowers' by Loscil, P.Manasseh, Dollboy, Clouds and Mugwood is available only to Second Language subscribers with this release.

Public Flowers tracklisting :

1. Bryophyte Society Annual Picnic
2. A Brief Message From Our Ancestors
3. In Konik Mokkin
4. The Long Walk From Sallowes Church
5. Hilary And Dave's Piano # 1
6. Nutmeg Saba Cinnamon
7. Hilary And Dave's Piano # 2
8. All Who Are Not On The Rock Are In The Sea
9. A Fail All Girl


Listen to ‘In Konik Mokkin' from the album here :